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Cattle and bunker silage covers have something in common … make the right choice!

MONTREAL, QuebecNov. 22, 2015PRLog — Can you differentiate between a cow and a heifer, a bull and a steer; a Holstein and an Angus, or a radial and a bias ply truck-tire sidewall? And if you can, do you know why livestock and tires appear in the same sentence and why anyone should care?

It’s simple, really:

–     A cow has offspring, a heifer has not
–     A bull is a mature male, a steer has been castrated
–     Holsteins and Angus are different breeds, and
–     Radial truck-tire sidewalls have wires that pose a danger to laborers and fail to protect silage nearly as well as bias ply truck-tire sidewalls. And if their feed isn’t optimally protected from the elements, livestock will suffer and so will their farmers’ bottom line.

There are different breeds and types of animals in the beef and dairy industries. Understanding the basics – and the differences – means the consumer can make informed choices when facing the meat counter. These differences have an impact on taste, texture, cooking style, quality, and price.

There are also choices when it comes to silage bunker covers, and the differences are equally important to understand. While bias ply truck-tire sidewalls may cost a little more than radial truck-tire sidewalls, it’s generally a non-issue since they can significantly increase profits simply by being more efficacious. They are completely free of metal so they won’t cut plastic or hands; they are stackable and they don’t hold stagnant water, thereby protecting against vermin, pathogens, and insects (such as West Nile-carrying mosquitoes). Their larger size, compared to whole passenger tires, also means they provide a wider range of coverage. Consequently, farmers and ranchers work more efficiently, safely, and hygienically while benefiting from a reduced risk of contaminating their silage and potentially harming their stock.

With all these advantages, the downside is greater demand … and greater demand often means shorter supply. Word to the wise: keep an eye on your inventory and contact Tire Sidewall Depot CEO and president, Danny Nadler, well in advance of your needs. He’s been successfully serving the agricultural industry since 1995 by filling the need for safer, more efficient bunker silo coverage. Moreover, having several strategically located facilities across the continent, Tire Sidewall Depot ( delivers across the nation and enjoys a strong market position.

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