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Chocolate milk tastes better with bias truck sidewalls

MONTREAL, QuebecDec. 1, 2015PRLog — Concerns about the prevalence of childhood obesity have sparked controversy about whether or not school cafeterias should offer chocolate milk. This despite the fact that the American Heart Association’s Scientific Statement (2009) concluded that adding sugar to nutrient-dense foods (e.g., flavored milk and yogurt) improves diet quality in children and adolescents and does not increase weight.

One component of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (7,557 children and adolescents), conducted from 1999 to 2002, demonstrated that:

· individuals who chose flavored milk drank more milk than plain-milk drinkers

· sugar intake didn’t differ among plain-milk, flavored-milk and non-milk drinkers and

· body mass indexes (BMIs) of non-milk drinkers were often higher than those of drinkers of plain or flavored milk.

Moreover, pooled data from 49 American elementary schools that eliminated flavored milks confirmed that milk consumption dropped around 37%. Given that chocolate milk provides the same nutritive value as regular milk – but that children are more likely to lap it up (it accounts for more than two-thirds of milk chosen at school lunches) – makes offering it a no-brainer. And so does using bias ply truck-tire sidewalls to protect silage covers rather than whole passenger tires. And if you think they’re unrelated, think again.

When it comes to weighing down silage covers, the differences between whole passenger tires (which expose laborers to stagnant water that is a breeding ground for disease-carrying insects and vermin) and bias ply truck-tire sidewalls cannot be overestimated. Milk from dairy cows whose silage has been contaminated by the effects of wind and precipitation caused by inadequate bunker silo weights is exactly what you don’t want. What you do want are metal free, truck-tire sidewalls because they protect against all that. And, while their enlarged size provides maximum coverage, they don’t weigh significantly more than whole tires. They do cost a little more at the outset, but the difference becomes moot when farmers realize they can not only work more efficiently, safely and hygienically, they substantially reduce the risk of spoiling their silage, thereby protecting the health of their cows and quality of the milk … and raising their profit margins.

Danny Nadler, president and CEO of Tire Sidewall Depot, carries a full line of sidewalls for bunker silos. His most popular product – 100% nylon, bias ply truck-tire sidewalls are environmentally friendly, durable and a one-time investment. And, with Danny’s vast knowledge of the industry and several strategically located facilities across the continent, Tire Sidewall Depot delivers across the nation. For additional information, visit or call Danny Nadler toll-free at 1-888-581-5488. And don’t forget to look for him at booth C-722 at the Amarillo (TX) Farm and Ranch Show.

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