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Tag: bias ply truck-tire sidewalls

Turn stress to contentment with help from bias ply truck-tire sidewalls

Dairy farms with cow-comfort issues usually suffer from poorer reproduction, higher cull rates, lower production, more disease, and higher somatic cell counts or clinical mastitis. By contrast, stress-free cows eat, rest, and milk well, and are unlikely to get sick … which begs the questions: what causes stress in cows and what can dairy farmers do to alleviate it?…

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Lactose intolerant? Bias ply truck-tire sidewalls can help

The role of milk products in the North American diet has sparked controversy for decades. It’s irrefutable that dairy provides a slew of nutrients necessary to our health – nutrients that are frequently difficult to absorb from other foods. Less well known perhaps are the myriad reliable, large-scale studies that have associated dairy foods with very important health benefits, including strong bones and reduced risks of hypertension, colon cancer and type 2 diabetes.…

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Chocolate milk tastes better with bias truck sidewalls

Concerns about the prevalence of childhood obesity have sparked controversy about whether or not school cafeterias should offer chocolate milk. This despite the fact that the American Heart Association’s Scientific Statement (2009) concluded that adding sugar to nutrient-dense foods (e.g., flavored milk and yogurt) improves diet quality in children and adolescents and does not increase weight.…

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Don’t be in denial about West Nile

West Nile Virus (WNV) is a viral disease – transmitted through bites from infected mosquitoes – that can promote the development of potentially lethal conditions such as encephalitis or meningitis, infection of the brain or spinal cord or their protective coverings. Symptoms of mild infections include fever, headache, body aches, rashes and swollen lymph glands. …

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Protect your product with ours

Maximizing ruminant livestock production depends on producing and storing superior silage. It is widely acknowledged that the best long-term silage storage choice for expanded dairy farms is bunker silos maintained with reinforced coverage to prevent aerobic contamination. Holding down silage covers to eliminate the infiltration of air is best achieved with tire sidewalls for bunker storage as they provide greater safety, reduce the size of the face, and reduce both packing and covering labor.…

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