About Us

Danny Nadler has been successfully serving the agricultural industry since 1995 by filling the need for safer, more efficient and sanitary bunker silo coverage.

Tire Sidewall Depot offers nylon, bias ply (no wires) truck sidewalls and aircraft tire beads as user-friendly, cost effective and cleaner alternatives to heavy, burdensome whole tires often used for weighing down bunker silo plastic sheeting.

This system not only enhances the nutritional content of silage and feed for cattle, but also protects the environment and farmers by eliminating exposure to such breeders of disease as rusting metal and stagnant water.

With several strategically located facilities throughout North America, we deliver product across the nation.

Did you know?

Losses during ensiling are known as silage shrink. Besides depleting dry matter, silage shrink also reduces availability of the most digestible nutrients, thereby resulting not only in less, but in lower quality silage. The key to limiting silage shrink is good forage management, including the use of silage covers and truck-tire sidewalls to prevent the infiltration of contaminants.