"We just ran out of tires covering our #3 of 4 bunks and had to finish with our regular tires.
Purchasing bias plys from you will be one of the smartest moves our farm will make for years to come. Thanks Danny!"

Rainbow Valley Farm
Sidney, ME

"We save so much time and labor by using bias truck sidewalls and it’s much safer than radial sidewalls. No wires means no cut tarps or hands. Also, no chance for any metal rusting into the feed. We only use bias truck sidewalls and Tire Sidewall Depot is definitely the place to get the best quality and service."

Willet Dairy
Locke, NY

"After using tires for a year, we switched to bias sidewalls from Tire Sidewall Depot to hold down our plastic silage covers.
They provided a good product, good prices and great service.
Recommended as a great source of sidewalls."

Monte Vista Dairy
Gill, Colorado

"We have been purchasing bias truck sidewalls from Danny Nadler for many years. Every time we needed some, he came through with exactly what he said. Whether you need a few or a lot, he'll help you with very reliable, honest, fair and efficient service.
Tire Sidewall Depot has great bias truck sidewalls, period!"

Bateman’s Mosida Farms
Elberta, UT

Did you know?

Air infiltrating the silage causes spoilage and rain washes out organic acids introducing oxygen, thereby increasing the pH and encouraging silage spoilage. Help prevent this with 6 mil polyethylene silage covers, overlapped by a minimum of three feet and held down with 100% nylon, bias ply truck-tire sidewalls.

Did you know?

While bias ply truck-tire sidewalls may cost slightly more than radial truck-tire sidewalls, it is generally a non-issue since they can significantly increase profits simply by being more effective.