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Press Releases about 100% Nylon, Bias Ply Tire Sidewalls by Tire Sidewall Depot Posts

Spoiled silage? You need bias ply truck-tire sidewalls

Let’s face it; anything spoiled is unappetizing … and spoiled silage is no exception. But unappetizing is the least of it. Tainted silage reduces herd intake and production by disrupting normal rumen function. This can lead to reproduction problems or impaired cattle health. If the silage is moldy, respiratory problems may develop and if the mold produces mycotoxins, the health issues can be even more serious.…

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Turn stress to contentment with help from bias ply truck-tire sidewalls

Dairy farms with cow-comfort issues usually suffer from poorer reproduction, higher cull rates, lower production, more disease, and higher somatic cell counts or clinical mastitis. By contrast, stress-free cows eat, rest, and milk well, and are unlikely to get sick … which begs the questions: what causes stress in cows and what can dairy farmers do to alleviate it?…

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Got stinky cheese? Grab a glass of wine. Stinky silage? You need bias ply truck-tire sidewalls!

If you think B. linens are bed sheets with holes and stains, think again. They are actually microorganisms known as Brevibacterium linen, the most dominant bacteria formed when washing cheese rinds – i.e., moistening the surface by rubbing it down with a salt brine, liquor, or water, thereby creating an austere flavor and a stinky aroma.…

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Worried about Salmonella? RX: 1 dose of bias truck-tire sidewalls

Salmonella (bacteria commonly found in the intestines of animals and birds) can be transmitted to people when they eat foods contaminated with it. If infected, people may develop salmonellosis (food poisoning caused by Salmonella bacteria), with symptoms that include diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps and fever.…

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Listeriosis can be serious … Practice safe silage with bias truck-tire sidewalls

Dairy farmers have long been ensiling forage to preserve feed for their cows. The methodology can be complicated and labor intensive but, when done in a safe and hygienic manner, it helps ensure the livestock will be well fed all year round. Paramount to making the most of this method is ensuring that the silage, which is susceptible to contamination from the environment (e.g., soil, wind, water, insects, carcasses, etc.), remains untainted (i.e., well wrapped with polyethylene or reinforced plastic, secured by truck-tire sidewalls).…

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Worried sick about pathogen transmission? Truck-tire sidewalls for bunker silos can help

According to information from Western Dairy News, the consequences of improperly fermented ensiled forage fed to dairy cows can be wide ranging and extend beyond reduced performance due to poor nutritional value of the feed. These feeds can play a role in infectious disease transmission to humans (e.g., listeriosis, botulism, and salmonellosis) and can act as primary sources of disease agents. Awareness and prevention are fundamental in minimizing the risk of exposure.…

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Lactose intolerant? Bias ply truck-tire sidewalls can help

The role of milk products in the North American diet has sparked controversy for decades. It’s irrefutable that dairy provides a slew of nutrients necessary to our health – nutrients that are frequently difficult to absorb from other foods. Less well known perhaps are the myriad reliable, large-scale studies that have associated dairy foods with very important health benefits, including strong bones and reduced risks of hypertension, colon cancer and type 2 diabetes.…

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Chocolate milk tastes better with bias truck sidewalls

Concerns about the prevalence of childhood obesity have sparked controversy about whether or not school cafeterias should offer chocolate milk. This despite the fact that the American Heart Association’s Scientific Statement (2009) concluded that adding sugar to nutrient-dense foods (e.g., flavored milk and yogurt) improves diet quality in children and adolescents and does not increase weight.…

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